Corina Simon

“I was born and brought up in Romania, and moved to Schwebenalp in Switzerland a few years ago to support peace projects and to live in an intentional, multicultural community. I had an opportunity to meet healers of body, mind, heart and soul, dreamers, storytellers, musicians and artists expressing the subtle movements of unseen energies. I also met scientists and academics that are looking into solutions for a regenerative human presence on Earth. From revolutionaries of the 60s to lawyers and advocates working for a law to make ecocide a punishable crime, I have been positively influenced and forever changed by their ideologies.

It is interesting to see how today, there is a growing number of young people who are fed up with the consumerist capitalist system and are coming together to find other ways of living. There are also people who want other educational options for their children. Hence there are now forest kindergartens and garden projects who are teaching children to grow their own food.

All these people are silently redefining accepted ways of living, to build another story of humanity and live beyond nationality, gender, religion and other self-created borders.

These cultural pockets are everywhere and they are the greatest hope humanity has to redefine itself. If you ever meet them, join them and support them. You will be forever changed in the process. I have been”.


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