“I was in Mumbai, India in 1996 to help people with eye diseases. There were doctors from all over the world who performed surgeries for free and I felt a sense of purpose helping people recover. The people in India were so welcoming, despite their poverty. They would not hesitate to share their meal or introduce me to their family . I find that kind of connection missing in the West. We are a rich nation and everything is taken care of, but the core spiritual connection is amiss. But there is a thing called hope and I would never give up on it. Recently, I was in Croatia in a small village where I saw a stray puppy. I decided to adopt him and brought him here to Switzerland after taking him to the vet. He was a frail and weak little guy, but is now in good health and a great companion. I call him Miki, and he gives me a reason to go out more.”


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