Ruth Stöckli, Founder, GARTENBIJOUX

Last week, I had a chance to visit a vintage garden décor shop along with a friend who was kind enough to take time off for me on a weekend. After hopping off trains and a few Post Auto buses, we reached the fairytale land.

If you are into the old world charm and everything vintage, this is the place for you. From corroded iron furniture, garden décor pieces, vintage pots and teacups to tastefully created handmade greeting cards; this house/shop is a treasure house.

After having an eyeful of beautiful things, I wanted to talk to the lady who made it all possible. It was a random idea, but she was willing to talk to me and share her story. Meet Ruth Stöckli, owner of GARTENBIJOUX  in Rüeggisberg, Switzerland.

”My husband and I bought this house in the year 2000, and we had place to create a nice garden, but it was difficult for me to find the right things to put in there. I did plant some roses but it was not really enough. Once I went with my mom and sis on a tour to England and Germany to visit gardens and in Germany we visited this particular store that caught my fancy. It had all things vintage and appealed to me. I soon started a web shop to deliver goods exclusively through online orders. This was in 2003, and we met with a lot of success. Even The Post was one of our customers. Soon, customers started to visit our home and ask if they could buy stuff from us directly! But we had everything in our cellar and could not show what we had. Then we concluded that it was a better idea to display all the things in our garden instead of stocking them in the cellar. The room that is now our shop was once a small club space. We had to ask the club to move and then turned it into our store. That is how it all began.

Five years ago we renovated the house and made three rooms upstairs into ´Cottage Holiday´ Bed and Breakfast place. The breakfast is served here in the shop with all the vintage items around! Isn’t it nice?!

I design the greeting cards from pictures that I take myself. Since it is a small town I live in, I need to do a lot of marketing, but luckily for me, many journals have featured my photographs so that was already very helpful. It’s been thirteen years since I started pursuing my passion. I visit fairs in Zurich, München and Paris and sell my cards in shops there.

Once some customers bought a big pavillon from me and were so happy that they invited me over for a dinner to show off their proud acquisition – it was a very rewarding experience and these unforgettable moments are what I look for every day”.

You can visit the shop at –

Dorfstrasse 22,
CH-3088, Rüeggisberg
Call at – 0318094080
Or Email at –
Visit to find out more about the B&B


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