St Gotthard Pass

dsc00598This was one delectable sight – to see the reliable PostBus in a no man’s land. Well, almost. The Gotthard pass is great to drive by on a warm, sunny day. I was lucky to be there last week, enjoying both the view and the warmth. I stopped midway for a short break and while I got out of my car, I started to wonder what would happen if my car went ‘kaputt’. It didn’t take too long for me to get an answer as I saw the omnipresent PostBus come by. Worst case, I imagined I would wave to the bus to stop and give me a ride to the nearest ‘inhabited’ land and find help. But then I wondered if the bus driver would focus on being punctual and not stop for me at all! Albeit for a few seconds, the Swiss punctuality is well-known, and in my case, well-experienced! Well, so much for all my imagination, the car was in perfect condition and the fuel tank, full. So I sat back in the car and decided to shut my thoughts for sometime, and just enjoy the views the day had to offer. This day was definitely like no other….


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