Astan was busy texting and listening to music with her headphones on when I approached her. She had a pretty smile that made me instantly like her. And when she was ready to talk about herself, I was super happy. She told me this –

“I was born and raised here in Switzerland, and am in the second year of my studies to become a professional in healthcare studies. After the training, I would like to work for a year during which I wish to save money to travel. I plan to travel first in Europe and then go as far as I can. Why I wish to travel? Living in Switzerland, you see a lot of life, but not all of it. I want to get to know different people, and many other cultures from my travels. For now, I enjoy my life here, and have many friends with who I go to the Bundesterrase, or just walk the lovely streets here. Sometimes, not always, we do meet up at one of our friends’ homes, or mine and listen to music and enjoy. I believe that one should live his or her life to the fullest – after all, we live just once.”


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