This is a lovely girl called Nyima who I met in Bern. And she had a little story to tell –

“I am half Tibetan – my father is from Tibet, and my mother Swiss. I was born and raised in Switzerland and am studying music here. I want to complete school with good grades and earn some money. I want to make a world tour but am not sure the money I earn will suffice for my big plans! But I will travel as much as my money allows me to. Strangely, I have never been to Tibet but heard a lot about it, so maybe I will include Tibet as one of my target countries. I hear from my parents that dad was on a visit to Switzerland and was in a bar when he met mom! They fell in love, and you know the rest! My philosophy in life? I believe that the world today needs people who respect others for what they are and not judge them. I follow that for myself, and also try not to care too much about what people say or think about me. Long as I do not hurt anyone, I know I am living my life the right way.”



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