I met Robin in Bern recently as he was walking past me in the opposite direction. He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry but was kind enough to give me time to talk to him. He shared with me –

I am from Switzerland, and am a medical masseur by profession. I also worked in a rehabilitation center previously where I had to interact with people who had many life stories to share. And that is the reason why I try to incorporate humor into my everyday life. After all, when you deal with pain, you have to keep your calm and humor is my way of doing that. I am usually not that affected by things around me, but the one thing that really surprised me was the elections in America. The decision of the people to vote for a man like Trump really did astonish me. It was beyond comprehension why one would elect a man who was so open with his feelings towards other races and was divisive right from the start. But well, we only got to wish for the best, right?
I like to jog in the woods on my own when I am not working – this helps me retain my peace of mind and helps me prepare for what’s ahead. And I also enjoy cooking without any recipe. I like to experiment with what I have at home to see what comes out of it!



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